Online Media Management

Social Media Management is: continuously utilizing all of the available onlinetools to develop brand awareness, reputation and loyalty, improve search engine rankings, generate leads, improve communication and increase online sales.

Based on the goals chosen, target market defined and strategy outlined, we can do any or all of these to implement such strategy including utilizing Social Networks, Blogs, Videos, Online Surveys, and more.

We bring the knowledge and the right attitude to Social Media Management.

We Offer a Social Media Management package which includes:

Development, Implementation, Engagement, Monitoring and Reporting of Social Media Strategy

Advantages to allowing us to manage your Social Media Strategy:

• Carefully developed and identified goals and strategy
• Effective strategy implementation to accomplish your objectives
• We maximize the advantages social media tools to your advantage
• Build up of of targeted potential customers database.
• Timely response to your customers and fans.
• We stay up to date on technology changes & emerging trends.

Some of our staff members have created and managed the Social Media for non-profits, political campaigns, businesses and individuals.

Some of our current & former clients include: McConnell’s Ice Cream & Yogurt, The Wiley Protocol, The Peikert Group Architects. Political Campaigns: Gregg Hart for Santa Barbara City Council Campaign and Community West Bank.

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